Sculpin Related Content Bundle

When I wrote the phpcr tutorial serie, I wanted to show the previous posts in the same serie. As this wasn't a feature Sculpin provided, I decided to write my own bundle to make this possible, that's how SculpinRelatedContentBundle started.

Altough I only finished it for I wrote the last post in the serie, I'm still happy that I wrote it. But it still took me 6 months to actually tag and release it...


Add the bundle to your dependencies in your sculpin.json and run sculpin install.

    "require": {
        "wjzijderveld/sculpin-related-content-bundle": "~1.0"

To use the bundle you need to do 2 things, the first is configure each post where you want to show related content. You do this by defining the tags that relate to this content. I deliberately didn't choose to automatically couple tags to eachother, because I didn't want to show all posts about phpcr with all posts about phpcr.

So we will configure for each content_type which tags should be used to find related content.

title: Awesome content is awesome
tags: [phpcr, phpcr-tutorial]
  posts_tags: [phpcr-tutorial]

But only configuring the content that is related to each other isn't enough, We should also show the related content somewhere!

Because I didn't want to restrict where I can show the related content, I assigned the related content to a global variable related_content. This way you can choose how and where to show the content.

{% if related_content|length %}
    <ul class="block related">
        {% for relatedSource in related_content %}
            <li><a href="{{ site.url }}{{ relatedSource.url }}">
                {{ relatedSource.title }}
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Yesterday I tagged version 1.0.0, about 15 minutes later I tagged 1.0.1 because I forgot to fix the only issue that prevented me from tagging 1.0.0 sooner, because you know... I just didn't think that far ahead yesterday :)

It probably doesn't work with all content_types available as I only tried it with post_tags, but it shouldn't be that hard to add support for other types.

Contributions are welcome!

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