So little time

As I mentioned 2 months ago, I believe it's important to keep developing yourself. You can't just sit there and repeat the same trick every time. I also told that I wanted to do that by trying to find a new job, and by attending more conferences and user groups.

But that all isn't that easy, I couldn't attend my user group because of a agenda conflict (and missing the next one as well) and conferences are just to expensive to pay for by myself.

The work part isn't much better as well. I shouldn't complain, I still have a job! But at that job it is hard to find a challenge, and there is a lot of repetitive work involved. And because there is a lot of Drupal involved, OOP isn't part of my daily routine anymore, and that sucks.

While searching for a new job, I have found a company were I really want to work. The first job interview went well and they are open to further conversation, but the sad part is, that they don't have a spot at this moment and they don't know on what term they will. And that's a pretty difficult time for me, I really want that job, but I'm not sure if I should wait for it. At this point I'm not even sure if I actually would get hired, so is it worth the risk?

And with all this, it's hard to keep myself busy on the level were I want to be (and grow from there), At work there isn't much room for it, and at home I can't spend the time at it that I would like (my wife would like some attention now and then :-) ). So I try to put some time in a JAVA project I started 6 months ago, at least I'm working on a OO project.

Any tips how to deal with such a time would be greatly appreciated! Sometimes I have the feeling I'm just not patient enough, that I should just wait, and be grateful I have a job.

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