Vespolina hackweekend

As I mentioned in [Working on an OpenSource project](, I'm somewhat involved with Vespolina. Last weekend we had our first hackweekend, Daniel and I sat together, and Richard and Luis joined us remote. On friday evening we had a conference call where Philipp also joined us. In that conference call we talked a bit about what we wanted to do that weekend.

The biggest change that we did that weekend, was merging some of the libraries together in 1 lirbary. This to make it easier for people to start working with Vespolina, and the make development easier, because maintaining around 40 repositories isn't trivial. Eventually the following libraries got merged into a single library.

  • Billing
  • Invoice
  • Order
  • Partner
  • Pricing
  • Product

So essentially everything that was already done with the CommerceBundle, but now for the libraries.

And I continued working on the new website and a bit on the documentation. The website is almost finished, just needs some more content and probably some minor bugfixes. But the documentation still needs lots of work.

In the coming weeks, I hope to continue working on writing documentation and focus on writing more tests. The combination is probably a good way to learn Vespolina better and hopefully lead to better documentation and tests.

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