Keep improving

About six months ago, I came to the conclusion that I needed to start thinking about my future. The company I currently work at isn't growing as fast as I am, so I started looking around to see how I could keep improving myself and if that would be possible within this company. I learned a lot in the years I work at the company, and always had a good time. So leaving the company wasn't something I enjoyed thinking about. But after a while I came to the conclusion I need to choose for myself, not for the company.

So I started looking around for the possibilities, trying to find out what options I had in the Netherlands (because... that's were I live). Talked to some people, tried to attend more conferences and user groups. At the same time I started to contribute more to OpenSource. The more people I spoke to and the more I saw and heared how other people were working, the more I had the feeling I should be doing something else, there was so much I wanted to do but wasn't able to at this moment.

I'm hoping to find a job were I can work with Symfony, were I can use TDD and other QA techniques and tools. A job were I can put my hearth and soul in exploring the possibilities of new techniques and implementing those techniques. And if that includes working on and with OpenSource, that would be awesome!

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